Tournament SV RU Trios Tournament Round 3 (Losers only)

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Welcome to the SV RU Trios tournament!
Specific Rules:
  • All games will be played in the SV RU tier. Rules and bans will be in accordance with the tier bans.
  • Best of three, Double Elimination
  • Matches to be played on Pokemon Showdown! (or smogtours)
  • Replays are mandatory.

:braviary: F-15 Eagle vs FBBozos :dondozo:
SV RU 1: hidin vs Flareblitzkreig
SV RU 2: seth vs Ashbala
SV RU 3: Kayzn vs GeniusFromHoenn

:whiscash: the boys vs brumi je t'aime :aegislash:
SV RU 1: Yourwelcomethanku vs yovan33321
SV RU 2: Warucario vs Dlanyer
SV RU 3: C0nfiden1 0yster vs MatLaTomate

:florges: M.F.W vs gaming :charizard:
SV RU 1: Miyoko vs Tack
SV RU 2: Forest Guardian vs Miyami~~~
SV RU 3: Wellhell vs SBPC

:arboliva: The Sower is Lava vs Wanna be Gen 3s :breloom:
SV RU 1: Seed Sower vs Chicos
SV RU 2: lavarina vs FlamingoPokeman
SV RU 3: A Welcome Guest vs Intergers

:tyrantrum: Team TBD TBD vs PXG :ribombee:
SV RU 1: Corperate n vs Kaboom
SV RU 2: MrAldo (coinflip) vs DreamyFleur
SV RU 3: Paku vs reggg

:moltres: pheonix (coinflip) vs hue gang :copperajah:
SV RU 1: roxie vs Hurtadoo
SV RU 2: @pawwz vs BeTheShadow
SV RU 3: FadedCharm vs Alkione

:arcanine: Ata vs Maushold Cleaners :maushold:
SV RU 1: toinha vs MachJacob
SV RU 2: Thiago Nunes vs Lightniong
SV RU 3: siras vs Pabloaram

:wo-chien: Les Wo-Chiens de la cases vs MKJ :venomoth:
SV RU 1: NHelioX7 vs JojoOui
SV RU 2: HaxxSel vs Kindyy
SV RU 3: Astrø vs Macaxandre

Follow these rules:

Deadling is Sunday, December 10rd at 10:00pm GMT -4


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I found all the act calls to be valid

:arcanine: Ata vs Maushold Cleaners :maushold:
toinha vs MachJacob
Thiago Nunes vs Lightniong
siras vs Pabloaram

Giving the win to the Maushold cleaners, since the score is 0-1. I looked at the scheduling of Thiago Nunes and Lightniong, which happened but no game nor dispute came as a result of it, so I'm going to give the team that has a higher score the win.

Pheonix vs Hue Gang
roxie vs Hurtadoo
pawwz vs BeTheShadow
FadedCharm vs Alkione
I saw no scheduling attempts from either side of the team, so it was flipped and team Pheonix won.



So, team tbd wins.
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